Project Porto Cairo Mall
Location porto cairo pizza - New Cairo - Cairo
Owner Amer Group
Scope Of Work Architecture Desgin & Workimg Drawings
Site Area 38277m2
Total Built Up Area 74739m2
Total Estimated Cost 300 Milliom EGP
Design Date 2010
Completion Date Under Construction


Porto Cairo mall is a commercial entertainment complex in New Cairo, as it is considered to be an architecture landmark within the surrounding new commercial centers. It is featured with the Mediterranean architecture identity. There are a lot of events and entertainment that are held there, all year around; like Papa Porto Carnivals and music concerts for a lot of singers from different countries that will flourish the Tourism in Egypt.


EL-Gabaly has developed a culturally-based theme for the center that embraces the multi- ethnic composition of the population, the area's heritage as both an Arab culture and an international trading port and local children's environmental values. Porto Cairo mall is performed as an extensive market, focus group and ethnographic (cultural) research to develop the center's concept, design, theme and programming.


The main design concept of the project is based on one coherent idea that correlates and links the commercial and entertainment functions of the outdoors and indoors all together, with the main piazza of the project.  El Gabaly also reconceived the center’s perplexing circulation patterns by adding a suspended pedestrian walkway to provide a direct and secure route through the mall.


The design depends on 2 main Axis:

First: Boulevard; it is the outside entertainment axis which is specialized for the visitors movement. It starts at the main entrance for Porto Piazza and ends at the main entrance hall of the mall. Walking through the Boulevard passage, the visitors can see and have a look on all the restaurants, cafes and terraces that are found in the surrounding area, by which a high sense of suspense and enjoyment will be achieved.

Second: Shopping Street; it is the commercial axis inside the main building that serves all the internal climate controls such as; natural light and plants. The complex’s unique form responds directly to its prominent urban context. El-Gabaly created a strong graphic identity and a new retail presence. The scheme brings together highly efficient, flexible and animated at ground level by shops, restaurants and cafes.


Project layout is influenced by the shopping street concept, allowing shoppers to spec several storefronts at a glance, whilst its overall design has placed a lot of emphasis on natural light / daylight that filters through the many skylights and open wells. Porto Cairo Mall has a variety of 180 shopping brand names that would suite the tastes of all mall visitors. In addition, the mall has a Diamonds club that has all the brand names in the jewelry industry to bring all the jewelry variety in one place. The mix of Entertainment mediums at the Porto Cairo mall is irresistible between the 6-screen cinema, the sky café overlooking the dancing fountain, food court, and international restaurants. The Mall has also a hypermarket for families to shop for their daily needs.


The project includes a large car parking with capacity 1000 car, Mega food court, more than 50 International restaurants and cafes. It also has a grand piazza with site area around 2000 m2, in its center, includes open terraces for the cafes and restaurants, overlooking the dancing fountains, lakes and green areas. Open at night as well as during the day, these new spaces provide an important central venue in the city during festivals and celebrations and are cooled naturally when conditions allow. For the remainder of the year, the spaces can be enclosed by roof panels that slide into place to enable the internal environment to be controlled more closely.