Project Jumeirah Head Office
Location El- Orouba street – Heliopolis - Cairo
Owner Jumeirah Group
Scope Of Work Conceptual Designer & Main Consultant
Site Area 780 m²
Total Built Up Area 550 m²
Total Estimated Cost 12 Million EGP
Design Date 2016
Completion Date 2016




DIAMONDS ( Luxury - Precious - Prestigious - Reflection - Unique - Identity )

The interior design is inspired by its fragmented and facet design elements, a ‘diamond shape’ concept sparkling diamond luxury and glamor design element. Isolated high-quality vector graphic. Clean, modern and elegant style design. And trim linear elements that run through the whole building. The color scheme features white and gray contrast with sharper shapes.The creation of an over scaled and highly faceted structure that boldly references the multiple facets of a diamond; the idea is abstracted by creating a dramatic faceted maze that dynamically and unpredictably envelopes the entire space.



The sofas, single seat tables, and the diamond-shaped counter are angled and faceted in keeping with the aesthetic of the interior design identity.The intent was to evoke the feeling of being inside the heart of a diamond; the concept thus interprets the central theme of the building of jewels in a completely abstract and futuristic way.


KITE (Flying-Soaring-Ascending-Rapid-Evolution-Infinity-Unlimted of innovation)

Kites are tethered flying objects which fly by using the aerodynamic lift, requiring the wind, (or towing), for generation of airflow over the lifting surfaces. The main design was inspired by the effectiveness and dynamic aesthetics of sports kite. Is an interactive, community driven art project that uses kite making and kites flying to activate dialogue, map and record air quality is a relationship and networks within the community through the act of group kite making and flying. To create a beautiful geometric sculpture that doubles as a kite. A fine balance of strength and weight had to be achieved so that the kite would fly but not be damaged when it returned to the ground.


ORIGAMI ( Creativity - Inspiration - Taste - Seamless - Continous )

-It's a method of folding paper to develop beautiful shapes and forms.  Such an elegant and distinguished Art has become an important source of inspiration the Interior design concepts.inspired by the simple elegance of this ancient art are creating incredibly beautiful and functional chairs, tables, sofas – even curtains, lamps and wall hangings – that transcend the ephemeral nature of paper sculpture, making it an integral element

The idea was to design as space that gave the feel of being inside one of these pieces of art to enhance the overall experience.We therefore felt the need to design an unconventional and sculptural space while still keeping design elements relevant to the brief- only through a more subtle approach.Our folding and unfolding train of thought led us to use the art of Origami - which literally means folding paper’- as another source of inspiration for the project.For example, the lines we used for the flooring tiles and reception desk are traced after used and unfolded origami paper.


DIAMOND LIGHTING REFRACTION  (Purity-Transparency-Dynamic-Spreading)

Lighting refraction and bending of light ray when it passes through Jumeirah's diamond is simulating the special and unique atheistic principals and goals of Jumeirah's identity, and how is the wide spreading of those principles to cover all the work process of Jumeirah's products, and in the same time to reach widest customers range.

Illuminated buildings by lighting refraction objects become more three-dimensional and are sometimes dramatically set in the scene via the selection of the diamond bright and dark zones. Professional façade lighting is a key component of the external appearance of buildings. As an integral part of the façade, it highlights special features of Jumeirah's diamond without impairing them.

At nightfall, building facades are transformed into objects of art with an attractive façade, whose dynamic light refraction emission sets special accents. They emphasize architectural Jumeirah's diamond to real eye-catcher. That appears neutral during the day and hides by blending into the overall appearance and transform to be a diamond of art at night.

Light can envelop Jumeirah's diamond like a second skin produces a particularly striking surprise effect. Selectively configured light structures result in fascinating patterns of light that can redefine a building.