Porto Aghdir


Aghdir - Morocco


Amer Group

Scope Of Work Architecture Design & Working Drawing
Site Area

1552344 M2

Total Built Up Area

310470 M2

Total Estimated Cost

40 Million $

Design Date


Completion Date under construction

The project is located on a land area of 1 million and 200 thousand square meters on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, where Amer Group aim to develop its “Porto” internationally touristic family destination. Porto Agadir will include hotels, commercial malls, cinemas and serviced apartments as well as various children’s events and activities sponsored by Porto’s famous mascot "Papa Porto" such as amusement parks and other related activities. Porto Agadir located near the palace of king mohammed the fifth, and also near Nature Reserve is only a short drive from Agadir and it boasts some of the best bird watching opportunities in the country. The reserve features a rich mixture of habitats and this in turn attracts a wonderful variety of both birds and animals. Avid bird watchers will be pleased to learn that one can spot Sand Grouse, Cranes, Turnstone, Waders, Godwit, Snipe, Little Crake and Dunlin in the reserve in one area. A short journey to another part of the reserve will allow you to see Spoonbill, Stork, Flamingo, Stilt, Harrier and Osprey. The park is also home to one of the world’s rarest birds, the Bald Ibis. Visiting this stunning nature reserve will enable birdwatchers to see all these birds and more.


The areas surrounding Agadir have some pleasant surprises in store for those who can leave the beach for long enough to enjoy a nice walk. Between the ocean and the mountains, located on a migratory route, Agadir and its region are a haven of tranquility for migratory birds. The Paradise for birds Located between the sea front and the Great Mosque, take the time to visit Bird Valley, an ornithological museum featuring the main migratory birds that frequent the region. Then, don't miss out on the Souss Massa national park, a nature reserve to the south of the town which welcomes a multitude of migratory birds like pink flamingos, storks or even the world's largest colony of bald ibises. Noble almonds are Towards Tiznit, to the south, the almond-tree road is an excursion which allows you to take in the striking landscapes of the Anti-Atlas range. There are palm groves, splendid blocks of pink granite reddened by the sunset, and numerous almond trees, whose nuts are essential in Moroccan cuisine.


The Magic Oil Towards Essaouira, follow the argan-tree road; this endemic tree which is desert-resistant and can live up to 200 years. Its nuts provide precious oil which is equally as good for cooking as it is for beauty and skin treatments. ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPT: Porto Cruise, Sail Forms, Vernacular Architecture, Water Rippling, Light House. - Cruise is considered as one of the most interesting experience stored in the people's inner mind simulating the natural living cross the wide oceans and seas, contributed with many several feelings of happiness and pleasure specially that it gains a rapid architectural and engineering developments and innovations through the last decades, - Reaching to the emerge of the mega scale cruises which simulate as (floating towns) which are containing a universal integrated community enjoying with all the amusement entertainment, sports and accommodation facilities. But this wonderful experience is limited for short or long trip So the design concept is based on converting this water living experience from a short period of a journey to be a permanent accommodation units comprising with all the cruise facilities with the daily life activities and simulating the scene of the parked cruise in the Dead Sea shore as a real unique identity for the ambitious new urban and architectural development. Sail forms is simulating iconic forms and contributed with the sea front life style, So the architectural design concept is based on inspiration of the iconic central forms of the innovative architectural style, through an integrated composition with the Vernacular architectural forms and within diversity of forms, sizes and effectiveness to create a contemporary harmony rhythm reflecting the image of the scene of the site as an old Moroccan port. Old Moroccan sea front distinguished with a unique local fabric including the responsive forms and identity of the hill side architecture while facing the sea front shore, which is considered as the third element included in the old Moroccan port scene. Hierarchy, diversity and the traditional Moroccan old architecture are considered as the obvious aesthetic of this type of urban communities, so the architectural concept is based on simulating these aesthetics within the contemporary architectural vision of the new development. Rippling of water surfaces as the response of the natural wave’s effects and floating boats effects is considered as the fourth element included in the old Moroccan scene background.


Rippling, waving, echoes and endless are simulating the dynamic and kinetic pattern, so the design concept aimed to reflect the dynamic pattern of the water rippling to the contemporary architectural vision of the new development. The Horizontal planes for the buildings podium moving upside down within the behavior of the natural curves of the water surface rippling to create a dynamic forms integrated with the heritage architectural forms of the hill side old city to achieve a unique Porto architecture which contributed with the existing and surrounding natural elements. Porto Aghadir’s towers design concept is based on recalling the old light house tower, which is considered as one of the most significant elements of the old Moroccan port. URBAN DESIGN CONCEPT Porto Agadir’s urban design concept inspired from the unique location of its site, and simulating the old Moroccan port through a contemporary innovative vision, comprising the dominating Porto cruise which surrounded by several sail boats with different sizes and shapes with the presence of the local hill side urban fabric architecture in the background forming a distinguished scene for the old Moroccan port including Porto cruise. Urban design concept is based on how to translate the aesthetic of the wonderful scene of the traditional old Moroccan port to reality by applying the urban design fabric of the old city as a background including the hierarchy and diversity of the old hill side Moroccan sea front urban communities, which including the mountain architecture forms and the linear expansion parallel to the sea shore and forming an urban enclosure to porto cruise which parked in the center of the new urban development to create a realistic scene for the old Moroccan port. Recreational space occupied buildings as, Gym, Aqua Porto, Golf Academy, inside the lake has a recreation area, amusement, kids area Occupies 15700 m².


The hotel space occupied 2500 m² and number of housing units 2865 units with an average 95 m², +74 Villa with an average area of 160 m² Number of shops 259 replaces an average of 40 to 60 m². Hypermarket area of 5000 m² The number of hotel rooms 84 room average 50 m² + 4 wings of an average area of 80 m².