Porto Dead Sea


Dead Sea-Jordan


Amer Group

Scope Of Work

Architecture Design

& Working Drawing

Site Area

805774 m2

Total Built Up Area

814000 m2

Total Estimated Cost

100 million $

Design Date


Completion Date Under Construction


Porto Dead Sea is considered as one of the biggest projects in Jordan, its site area is across 477008 m2 overlooking the Dead Sea beach & mountains, in a very unique and unprecedented location, it is tucked between the mountains and the Dead Sea.


The project design is based on –Desert Islands concept, creating Multi integrated islands hanging on the mountain. Porto Dead Sea is designed to be a focal touristic attraction for locals and foreigners alike.


Also the presence of Parks, all around, will provide visitors with gorgeous sights and smells throughout the year, visitors will get a colorful display of flowers throughout the spring, summer and early fall seasons. The outdoor gardens display featuring thousands of flowers surrounded by sculptures and waterfalls. Lakeside will demonstrate the potential for converting an industrial relic into a thriving green community. Porto Dead Sea is the most ideal venue from which to explore the rich culture and deep history of the area.


The hotel will also house a high-tech business center and versatile meeting and events facilities, including a ballroom with area about 1000 m². The hotel shape plan gives nearly all the guest rooms and suites a view of the Dead Sea. Recreation facilities include a tennis court, swimming pools and beachfront terraces. The upscale spa offers treatments with Dead Sea salts and minerals. It has a sun-drenched private beach whose soft sands are lapped by the healing waters of the world’s most famous salt lake.


The mall will include retail spaces that are commercial. The leasable areas are diverse and link back to the external civil and public spaces. ElGabaly Architects choses to provide community space with the shopping mall, creating an environment that also has a natural landscape. It is provided with entry gateways and break out points that reveal the soft edge of the building, defined by planted terraces and a garden. The terraces reflect meandering paths that pedestrian may choose to take throughout the building. They undulate and create valleys that natural provide gathering points, plazas and shaded courtyards.