Porto Sharm – hotel & residential compound


Sharm El sheikh


Amer Group

Scope Of Work Main Consultant
Site Area

65000 m2

Total Built Up Area

60000 m2

Total Estimated Cost

1.8 Million Pound

Design Date


Completion Date 2015



In fact sharm el sheikh has a unique and outstanding natural and environmental potentials Which put the city as one of the sweet spots on the world touristic map, but on the urban and sustainable approaches the city missed a down town urban hub. Porto sharm considered as one of the most unique architectural master planning projects comprising of shopping, entertainment and residential tourism in up normal design According to the city design and configuration, it was necessary to create a new down town for Sharm El Sheikh, in other words; it was very important to find an urban center capable for its future development and be the main center for activity gathering and mixed use buildings. In order to give the city its vitality and create a suitable environment for social networking and communication between its residents, as architecture must meet the social and look at culture, nature, knowledge, tradition, time frame and life style we always work to develop our past. The project site has been selected away from the shoreline about 4 kilometers, which is an additional challenge, as the city of Sharm El Sheikh is mainly linked and based on the sea, and that’s why it was important and crucial to insert the water element to the project design. It is well known that Sharm El Sheikh has become an international Touristic City according to its tourism rates, which sends to us every year.

From the planning side the city is such a model of the coastal cities, which is linked directly by Sea. Sharm el sheikh is one of the most distinguished touristic destinations All over the world through the last three decades; it had a raped and vast development including roads, hotels and entertainment along the red sea shore. In the same time there was on obvious delay for the old city of sharm, as a down town urban center and transferred through the last three decades to a large scale bazar Integrated with shops and restaurants. Our vision is based on a sustainable approach for the revival and rebirth of the social, cultural experience, life style and community gathering. So the new development of porto sharm is under take the ambitious challenge to create the new urban City center of sharm el sheikh.A central mega scale urban, space such as the agree of Athens and the forum of Roma, and creating a sustainable and, unique urban space. Which simulate the mixture of integration between two different activities; the sea front and nature central oasiscomprising a huge scale of artificial swimmable lakes to create the internal view and sea life.The city has grown randomly and gradually, as it is one the touristic projects, which is built there along the coastline. It was not in accordance with the comprehensive planning system or future master planning system includes a type of in order to ensure and grantthe organized growth in the future.There have been many challenges among the project planning, such as; the importance of finding an active core and heart for the city of Sharm El Sheikh to ensure its future growth and flourish, this core should basically depend on touristic activities. Therefore, our vision is the great indeed to find the heart and core of the city that will enable the city development and growth in the future. As the main goal is to create a vibrant core and heart of the city. In order to transfer all of these things to the heart of the city of Sharm El Sheikh. So the design concept is based on finding the following design elements: Central Grand Lake: The main aim of creating such huge lake 70000 meters is to create a vivid sense of the beach and marine life. As well as, a group of mixed use buildings for different activities; economic, social and entertainment activities, including water sports and bazaars, on the beach line and various activities that will create a quiet atmosphere of interaction and vitality among the visitors.to ensure the vitality of the city and the residents never feel bored. In addition, a business district and education zone for children and youth as well as, a medical center, mosque and shopping centers. The design concept is based on the creation of a city depends on the mixing between all the architectural elements and configurations, that the most famous touristic cities are characterized by, like Cannes, Nice and Rivera Coast. These cities are characterized by many and different activities along the coast line, which give it a kind of Vitality and prosperity. Business and commercial walk way: In order to create a center for the city of Sharm El Sheikh, the project should include a business District to serve financial and practical activities such as bank branches and branches for some International companies, as well as business center for businessmen service, We think that through the elements of the project it would be in addition to other projects kind of integrated development for the touristic city and will effect significantly over the next five years.in order to create a suitable atmosphere for work. This area includes many of the architectural integrated harmonious elements: Down Town, Cornish Road and Promenade, The Hotel, Water Front Promenade, Floating market, Water Front Residence, Down Town Residence, Cineplex and entertainment Buildings and Taj mahal Mosque. On the other

hand, this will make a unique experience for the visitor, just by passing along the beach, enjoy

watching such activities around the lake or the city center, and discover all the project elements.