Dr. Tamer ElGabaly was born in 1970 and spent his childhood in Heliopolis suburban east Cairo, he was based for most of his career in Cairo.

One of his important achievement was the design of the winning scheme in 2006 competition for designing the Pyramids Hills Compound, Al- Ahram , Cairo

During the period 1995 – 1999, he managed to achieve his PHD degree in architecture by completion his thesis “The designing factors sand standards of the regional shopping centers- outskirts of Great Cairo”. During the period 2000 – 2006, his interesting searches gave him a rich view of architecture.

As a young Architect, Dr. ElGabaly was committed to the modern movements and the experiment approaches of architecture and planning.

His extensive training as an architect, lecture assistant, and furniture designer makes him one of the most distinctive architects in Egypt earning a wide fame for several sensational and innovative architectural projects and

Dr. ElGabaly creates his work within a unique contemporary design approach, local and international cultures, by combining the free forms with strict geometry and modern materials. He transcends traditional limits and creates unique buildings, among his most famous works are several educational building like Future University, offices & residential building as well as resorts and residential compounds.