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An ambitious geyser eruption that unleashes the Power of Nature's Miraculous Wonders.

Ras El-Hekma, Egypt
Master Planning
Full-service Architecture & Engineering Design
Jumeirah Egypt for Real Estate
200000 m2
Under Construction

Jumeirah Bay draws inspiration from the miraculous wonders of nature - the epic geysers that have been known to shape and mold the world like nothing else. In much the same way, the development takes full advantage of its natural surroundings to create a sustainable and breathtaking environment for its residents and visitors alike, while giving tribute to the power of the earth.

The masterplan concept is a visionary approach to living in harmony with nature. The development captures the experience of the geological phenomena of a natural geyser erupting the land terrain, shaping an endless stream of water that connects people to the water edge and beyond, offering a sense of tranquility and visual connectivity that is both exhilarating and awe-inspiring.

The architecture of Jumeirah Bay is built around the idea that sculpted forms have been eroded by the streaming waters, characterized by numerous vivid geometric shapes that form an undulating landscape that reflects the natural features of the location.  

Every building is positioned to take full advantage of the natural light and sea view that this location has to offer. In short, Jumeirah Bay redefines visionary architecture by creating an urban development that celebrates and enhances the beauty of nature in an unprecedented manner.