Our Culture

Running an architecture practice is not a sprint. It takes years and countless hours of dedication and careful planning to create a business that can endure crises and grow sustainably.

Bringing in a new work requires a combination of talent, skill, team effort, a great business plan and a smart organization. Particularly in the moments that call for scaling up, it becomes apparent that architecture is an industry in which technical knowledge, management, and business understanding are as important as a good Design.

ElGabaly Architects recognizes that architecture captures the relationship formed when people interface with their environment. We do our best for people to connect with their community and with the built and natural environments. We work without preconceived ideas about the solution; instead, we treat every project as an opportunity to learn and explore.

The primary factor which motivates ElGabaly Architects is the desire to create spaces which support each client’s unique needs. Our primary benchmark for success is the delighted response of our clients to the spaces we have created for them.